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Sunday, September 25, 2011

postsecret sunday

i cheated and looked at postsecrets on saturday, but i'm blogging about it on sunday. that's fair, right?

this one's interesting - i think about how dualistic it is. it's vague to me, but i know that for the person who sent it in, it's specific - bullying or someone's suicide or a breakup.
(from postsecret)
sometimes i wonder why frank names the images the way he does. this one he named "alone" - i would have imagined it would have been something like "silence" or "unspoken" or something

also, where the crap are these people? a park? school? a plaza, randomly walking around? is it old, or did they age it on purpose? SO MANY UNANSWERED QUESTIONS!!


Things To Do said...

I like the kid at the bottom left who is staring at the camera. He's the only person aware the photo is being taken.

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