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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

this has turned into a music blog

the beauty of this blog is that it evolves and changes. like seasons. tori themed for a month, general music, maybe food - postsecrets and quotes and all sorts of randomness.

for some reason, i have just now discovered 8tracks.com - what took so long!? i have no idea, but i'm hooked now. the first one i found (from random blog reading) was a dubstep playlist, and then i clicked around a few times and found THIS!!

this mixtape playlist has luscious jackson, letters to cleo, hole, tracy bonham ... takes me back to being seventeen in my room, picking the nail polish off of my nails, writing letters to my out of town boyfriend, being angst filled and wondering when the world would "get" me. the world and i are still at odds, but at least the music is still available. come wander down memory lane with me, if you'd like!

have you found a mix-tape, or playlist, website that you could spend all day on? did you make mix-tapes when you were younger - and have you graduated to mix-cd's or transferable playlists?

did you watch my so called life? JORDAN CATALANO zomg   >.<   i wanted to be rayanne so badly. and holy crap it's on hulu ... i'll have to ration it out, i've got stuff that i have to get done this weekend


Things To Do said...

I loved the mixtape, especially when you had to do it on the radio where you would cut off like the beginning trying to avoid the announcer. There was so much dedication involved when you worked on one!

One of my earliest tapes was courtesy of my friend's older sister and had The Bangles Eternal Flame. And to this day, I love that song!

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