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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

tori amos song meme: 21/22/23

thirteen more days until the new album comes out!!!!!!

Day 21: A song you can/wish you could play
caught a lite sneeze - i love this song so much. the comic for this song, from the comic book tattoo book, was the inspiration for my tattoo. i love how she moves in this performance. i took harpsichord lessons in college just so that i could learn to play this song. i never got that far, but i tried!

Day 22: A song you want to hear live
here. in my head - this is a beautiful bee-side. it's comforting. i remember finding this song on napster, before i got the single, and i listened to it for hours on end. things like this are why i didn't have a roommate after a certain point, when i lived in waco! well, that & he was super flaky, but that's another story ...

bells for her - i had to put two answers for this. i need to hear this song. i need to hear her sing these words, and let them wrap around me. i really, REALLY hope that she plays this when i see her in december. i'm not sure if this is a song that could be re-written for the string quartet, but it would be amazingly powerful to hear it live.

Day 23: A song you can sing along from A-Z

the waitress - i love singing this song out loud! especially the improv bridge that's in the live version


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