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Sunday, October 23, 2011

-not- postsecret sunday

if there's anything better than postsecret sunday it's gotta be tori related. and holy spaceballs, batman - IT IS. this tumblr has been up for a month & i just now found it. i feel so behind the tori-times

(from tori amos confessions)
i've just spent the last half hour looking through the confessions, and feeling as though so many of them could have come from my own hand.


Things To Do said...

What a great site. Seriously the creativity behind some of these tumblr accounts is incredible. Are you going to contribute one?

amanda said...

yup! i've already submitted three. the folks running the tumblr have done all the work though

also hilarious - ewfproblems.tumblr.com - HILARIOUS. you might get some of them, after making it through that playlist. i've added a few new videos, too!

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