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Sunday, October 16, 2011

postsecret sunday

we're kinda back! i've had lots of stuff happening - an out of state wedding, and an oktoberfest in town which took up all of last weekend. i stayed up late & worked until 2am last night - and not on fun art work, but on real 'work' work.

anyways - have some postsecret!

i have to hold on to this one & hope that there are lots of people out there that agree with this, and that i'll soon agree as well - after turning thirty, i'm noticing more lines in my face & feeling more self conscious than i was in my twenties. my lines are laugh/smile lines, and i try to keep reminding myself that they exist for good reasons
i am SO glad frank put this first on today's listings. it made me all sorts of teary eyed - i love little old grandmothers. plus, i've been seriously considering donating my body to science for a few years now, and ... well, it would be nice to hope that people would treat me with respect. not make mustaches with my intestines or something ridiculous like that. although now that i think about it, that IS kinda funny. gut-stache. HA


Things To Do said...

My forehead is in a few years going to look like a road after winter with all kinds of lines and crevices in it! Eek. :)

Brigid Daull Brockway said...

It is my life's goal to finish with more laugh lines than frown lines. I'm working on some decent crows' feet, and there are some creases around my mouth that don't go away when I'm done smiling, but so far the worry lines are the ones winning.

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